New York State Stock Car Association Hall of Fame

Class of 2015 Inductees are Billy Taylor, Bruce Dostal, Doug Hoffman, Richie Eurich, Norm Moyer,   Claude and Gail Riley

The New York State Stock Car Association (NYSSCA) was incorporated in 1969. Its members include competitors, fans, speedway personnel and members of the media dedicated to the improvement of auto racing throughout New York State and western Vermont.

Originally concerned with rules, speedway purses and insurance matters, NYSSCA’s primary focus now is its nationally known injured member benefit fund. Other missions include educating the public on racing’s influence in the community, addressing environmental issues and promoting racing safety. Additionally, outstanding performances in all racing divisions are recognized at NYSSCA’s annual awards banquet.

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New York State Stock Car Hall of Fame Inductees

1984 Steve Danish, Jeep Herbert, Kenny Shoemaker

1985 Pete Corey, Paul Marshall

1986 George Proctor, Tony Villano

1987 Doug Garrison, Irv Taylor, Jerry Townley

1988 Eddie Flemke, Frank Trinkaus, Bill Wimble

1989 Rene Charland, Cliff Kotary, Theron Moore, Ted Ryan, Ken Tremont,Sr.

1990 Ernie Gahan, Mert Hulbert, Dick Nephew, Karl Haeussel

1991 Nick Ronca, Howie Westervelt, "Tate" Eugene Tetreault

1992 Cliff Wright, Donald Wayman, "Jollie" Ollie Palmer

1993 Jerry Cook, Ralph Ouderkirk, Frankie Schneider

1994 Chuck Ely, Ed Delmolino, Tim Baker, Ed Pieniazek

1995 Claude Hoard, Hugh Hedger, Ron Narducci, Chet Hames

1996 Fred DeCarr, Ernie Marshall, Dexter Dorr, Ernie Martin

1997 Dick Clark, Mike Ehring, Richie Evans, George Janoski, Lou Spanier, Bugsy Stevens 1998 Margaret Bosley, Leonard Bosley, Carlton Hughes, Harry Peek, Winn Slavin 1999 Tommy Corellis, C.D. Coville, Stretch VanSteenburgh, Don MacTavish

2000 Lou Lazzaro, Link Pettit, Sr., Ethel Searing-Wetmore, Ken Goodermote

2001 Charlie LaDuc, Steve Luse, Vince Quenneville,Sr., John Osterhoudt, C.J. Richards, Ray Dalmata, Ed Feuz, James Gage,Sr., Jim Luke, George Welch, Bob Hackel, Charles "Chuck" Irving, Paul Roberts, Lee Palmer, Allen "Schootch" Schoonmaker, Stan Wetmore, Jon Button, Bernie Miller, Sonny Seamon, Bob Mott, Dutch Hoag, Arthur "Uncle” Art Stuarts 2002 Bob Whitbeck, George Marcus, John "Jocko" Martterer

2003 Andy Romano, Butch Jelley, Maynard Forrette, Fred DeSarro, Len Boehler

2004 Donnie Wetmore, Brian Ross, Buck Holliday, John Grady

2005 Geoff Bodine, Jim Frye, Barb Frye, Dick Schoonover, Ed Cloce

2006 Jim Langenback, Merv Treichler, Chuck Akulis, John Tallini

2007 Art Barry, Les Deuel, Buzzie Reutimann, Bob McCreadie, Maynard Troyer 2008 Dick Hansen, Will Cagle, Billy Rafter, Dick Waterman

2009 Jerry Higbie, Sr., Mike Romano, Charlie Rudolph, Jimmy Spencer 2010 Dickie Larkin, Jack Cottrell, Paul Emerick, Marty Beberwyk, Hertha Beberwyk 2011 Don Ackner, Mike Budka, Dave Lape, Walt Mitchell, Rich Ricci, Sr., Jim Shampine 2012 Glenn Donnelly, Don Diffendorf, Ron Hedger, George Kent, Bob Devine, Walt Markert, Mike Ronca, Gibby Fountain, Percy Barber, Bill Brooking, Tommy Williams Sr., Milt Johnson, Don "Had" Hadcock, Dick Sweet, "Jumpin" Jack Johnson, “Dover Dave" Cruickshank, John W. "Jack" "Black Flag" Blackwood, Jr., Walter Bedell, Peg Bedell, Edmund "Peanut" Pierce, Danny Watson, Kenny Marshall

2013 Jim King, Bob Savoie, Jimmy Winks, Mike Colsten, Joe Messina